Business of the Month

  • The Rib House

    190 Main Street
    East Haven, CT 06512

    The Rib House is a special place for many reasons. So many of our customers are second generation and now seeing the grandchildren sitting in the very high chairs that their parents sat in 25 years ago, you get a real sense of family when you dine at the Rib House. Many of our servers have been with us since we opened and many of their children either work or have worked at the Rib House.

    Over the 32 years little has changed. The biggest change is our new location. The new location has a fresh new feel that makes your visit even more special. On the other side of the coin what hasn’t changed is the basics of our menu. Although we have added a few items over the years our recipes haven’t changed. 32 years and we still prepare food the same way, consistent experiences every time.

    P.O. Box 120055 | East Haven, CT 06512 | 203.467.4305 |