Women of Excellence Awards

  • Women of Excellence Criteria

    Do you know a woman who embodies these traits? If so, we would love to learn about her.

    1. What are examples of your nominee’s driven work ethic?
    2. In what ways does this woman demonstrate a strong sense of self-leading with empowerment and inspiration?
    3. In what ways does this woman possess strong leadership skills and is she a role model for others?
    4. In what ways is this woman creating a new model, new mindset, or new solutions to better our community & humanity through her career or volunteer activities?
    5. In what ways has she shown a commitment to her community through volunteering?
    6. In what capacity is this woman a mentor or advisor?
    7. Does this woman have a vision for the future? If so, please elaborate.

    Our deadline to get names of nominees is September 6th.

    P.O. Box 120055 | East Haven, CT 06512 | 203.467.4305 | easthavenchamber01@gmail.com